“Abortion is wrong. But I believe it is not the place of government to dictate the choice of abortion for any woman. It is her decision alone to choose her personal needs over a greater responsibility. If she makes the wrong decision, it is God—not government— who should be the judge.”

“Life is precious. Once given, it should not be taken away because of a burden on a mother or society’s desire for what it believes is choice. If there is a choice, the first choice is for the newly conceived, not the person who already made a choice to either have a baby or took poor precautions to prevent pregnancy. Only where a mother’s life is in danger or a pregnancy is the result of rape can I condone abortion. But like Secretary Clinton, I do not believe it is the government’s place to dictate such choices. It is a far higher authority who should be the judge.”


“The technology exists to safely extract enough oil and natural gas from U.S. locations to give us energy independence within ten years. But if you’d prefer to waste money on more wind and solar projects that will fail as so many have in the past, then I guess you should vote for Mrs. Clinton.”


“After suffering eight years with a Democrat in the White House, our image and honor around the world isn’t any better than when Barack Obama took office. This country cannot afford four more years of this same failed foreign policy that pacifies and placates. We need strong leadership the world will respect.”


“We must not become a society of socialized medicine—it is not the answer. We must gain control of the skyrocketing costs of insurance, medical equipment and drugs. Healthcare must be brought back to choice and competition before it’s too late.”


“Mrs. Clinton and I don’t really differ on women’s rights. While that means it is not an issue between the two of us, it nonetheless continues to be a serious issue for this nation. But it’s more than equal rights for women—it’s equal rights for all mankind. We cannot address one group at the exclusion of another.”


“America is the beacon of freedom throughout the world. We should not shrink from our role to protect it wherever it is challenged or our national security is at risk. As John Kennedy put it, America is unwilling to witness or permit the undoing of human rights and we will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, and oppose any foe in order to assure the survival and the success of liberty. America will never be true to those words by asking permission from others to keep the beacon of liberty brightly shining.”


“As a criminal prosecutor, I learned that understanding why a criminal does what he or she does is critical to understanding how to address and punish such behavior. It’s not just about catching the criminal. So it does matter why the attack in Benghazi happened. Not to cast blame, but to understand why and to determine how we can best prevent it in the future. If we find fault in our leadership as a result of that investigation, so be it. That can also be addressed. But first and foremost, let’s understand what happened and why it happened.”


We cannot deny that the prosperous and rich support much of our country’s industry, arts, and culture. If we increase their tax burdens, fail to defend their rights, or continue to demean their success, we only hurt ourselves. But we cannot ignore those among the prosperous who instead of feeding society, feed upon it. There can be no more robber barons and corporate raiders who plunder, not to save businesses but to personally profit at the cost of jobs, families, and homes.”


“It ceases to amaze me how easy it is for Democrats to embrace hypocrisy in the guise of reform. Take for example their attacks on grants and subsidies to pharmaceutical companies researching much needed drugs, agro companies improving crop yields, and other industries on the Democrat’s hit list like insurance, banks, and the like that support self-regulation over government intervention. Yet at the same time they voice support for pork belly projects that build bridges to nowhere and fund energy pipe dreams with no chance of commercial success. It’s all just another smoke screen for the Democrat ideal to redistribute wealth at the expense of America’s heritage and continued prosperity. Grants and subsidies are simply a tool to improve how each of us lives our lives. Used properly, they provide incredible benefits. Used as favors, they demean every one of us. Democrats love to give out favors. I don’t.”


“Creating new jobs is priority number one. No one – even Democrats – disagrees with the proposition that the more we add jobs to the economy, the easier it is to address so many of our other challenges like crime, unwanted pregnancy, family values, and more. But creating jobs where there is no prospect they have a long term future is futile. Alternative energy is a good example. Don’t get me wrong. I think alternative energy is a wonderful idea. But right now, it’s not economically sustainable when conventional energy is so much cheaper. If we want real job growth, let’s support deeper exploration of the abundant gas and oil reserves right here in America. We need long term jobs. Not temporary employment.”


“Yesterday street gangs killed three in Houston, five in New York, and seven in Chicago. In every instance the victims, many of them innocent bystanders, died from gunshot wounds inflicted by unregistered guns. Now some want to ban handguns. Those who would have us legislate a ban are convinced such a solution will keep weapons outside the hands of gangs. They claim these murders are evidence that laws requiring the registration of handguns don’t work. They demand a complete ban. They are wrong. It is not the registration requirement that increases or decreases the number of unregistered guns. It’s the lack of hope for so many of our youth in the inner city. If they want a gun, they’ll get an unregistered gun with or without registration laws. We must show these criminals that if they are caught with an unregistered gun, they will go to jail. No deals, no pleas, and no mercy.”


“For me, it’s pretty simple. Fences work. Build them. Then deal with those who can still manage to scale them by deporting them when they do. If the University of Texas at Brownsville loses some of its campus if a fence it built, I’ll accept that loss of real estate for the safety of the university’s students.”


“The immigration debate is not about a particular ethnic population. It’s too easy to say the problem is with any particular border – north or south. Indeed, there are millions of people in this country who are legal immigrants from Latin America and elsewhere. They got here legally, pay taxes, and contribute to their communities. They earned their right to be here. The immigration problem is about the thousands of people crossing our borders who want a free ride. They illegally enter and look for handouts. If we had unlimited resources and money, we could welcome them all. But we don’t. Denying them entry or deporting them is not destructive or anti-American. It assures that the precious rights so many have legally immigrated to enjoy are preserved.”


“I believe in the need for strong unions. And I believe in the need for a free market. Without doubt, both the union and management sides of the bargaining table have been populated by those who have lost sight of what is a fair wage or good working conditions. One does not need to side solely with the unions or with management to intelligently govern. I believe it is the government’s role to insure balance and compromise and not to load our bureaucracy with political cronies.”


“While I am a Republican, I’m hardly one that tows the party line for the sake of party unity. My positions are dictated by what I think is right and reasonable. They are dictated by what I think is important for America, not what a small group of party organizers in Washington’s back rooms think is important. It is my hope that Americans will elect people for who they are and not for the Party in which they sit.”


“If redistributing wealth from the rich to the poor were so easy, I suppose we could all live in the socialist Utopia Democrats seem to think such tax policy will create. The reality is that taking from those with wealth and giving it to those who don’t create it is a recipe for economic malaise. I am a capitalist. I believe that a free market devoid of burdensome regulation and taxation creates wealth for everyone without a need for the kind of socialistic redistribution that is favored by Democrats.”


“I do not support the death penalty any more than I support abortion. The taking of the life of a defenseless person is simply wrong. And while I acknowledge that those of death row deserve our wrath and condemnation, killing them by a noose, needle, shock, or bullet isn’t going to reverse what they did or prevent someone else from committing such heinous crimes. Let such individuals die by God’s will as they sit behind bars for the rest of their miserable lives.”

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