Final-High-Resolution-Front-Cover-12.19 As the possibilities for the 2020 presidential election heats up, Samantha Harrison throws her hat into the ring again as the Republican Presidential Candidate. The much-anticipated sequel to Douglas J. Wood’s 2015 novel, Presidential Declarations, is now available! In PRESIDENTIAL CONCLUSIONS, Samantha Harrison is faced with her greatest challenge yet: how to keep a splintered nation together in the face of unprecedented fear. Although victorious with her win, Samantha has taken over the position during a tumultuous and chaotic time when relations with other countries are delicate, and the leader of Iran has called for jihad against the US, Russia, and Great Britain. After being so close to a Democratic president, citizens and senators alike question Samantha’s loyalty to the Republican party while world leaders are tempted to brush her aside as a weak leader. Worse, there is a locally-grown terroristic plot brewing across the nation. Samantha’s focus during this turbulent time is to not divide the country any further, and she calls upon past presidents George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton to show bipartisanship in the fight against terrorism. International leaders have their own political agendas and deals to make with Sam, including Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Events grow confused when the terrorists time their explosions in cities spanning from coast to coast during a nation-wide test of the emergency alert system, causing a system overload and temporary media blackout. Will Samantha be able to keep the nation together as everything seems to fall apart? KIRKUS REVIEWS calls PRESIDENTIAL CONCLUSIONS “a sharp tale of government and terrorism, fortified by an exceptional POTUS protagonist.”

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