As the presidential campaign heats up, a new novel featuring a protagonist whose friends and foes are the real-life candidates, including main character Hillary Clinton, will top fall fiction lists. The much-anticipated sequel to Douglas J. Wood’s 2014 debut novel, Presidential Intentions, is now available.

PRESIDENTIAL DECLARATIONS revisits the journey of heroine Samantha Harrison. Ambitious, smart and one of Washington D.C.’s power elite, Samantha “Sam” Harrison’s entire political career, once seemingly unstoppable, is in question and her loyalty to her country is about to be tested as never before.

Washington, D.C. sustains the worst terrorist attack in American history, and the President of the United States needs Sam to serve her country once more. Political rivals on opposite sides of the aisle, Sam and the president have never agreed on deeply dividing issues. While Sam realizes that it’s time to put aside political differences, get justice, and help the nation to heal, she’s not sure whom she can trust.

Leading the country out of chaos could put the White House once more within her grasp, but will place Sam, her daughter and her daughter’s first child directly in harm’s way. Sam’s actions in the coming days will decide her family’s survival, her political future, and the fate of the United States of America. The stakes have never been higher.

KIRKUS REVIEWS calls PRESIDENTIAL DECLARATIONS “a gripping read for political junkies of all partisan inclinations.”