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    Why Can’t the GOP and Democrats Compromise?

    Over the past few months, politics has become so divided that not only are Democrats and Republicans unwilling to compromise, but within the Republican Party there is a divide on the issues and views.  Without more unity among Republicans and more reasonable reactions from Democrats, compromise is impossible.  Being partisan for partisan’s sake is not leadership.  It’s shirking responsibility.

    The President has run into a situation with his own party where they are not willing to compromise among themselves. Witness the debacle over attempts to fix the Affordable Care Act.

    But as Harry Truman said, the buck stops with the President.  It is his, responsibility to find unity. And it is the leadership of both parties to work with the President to make progress on much needed reforms.  Can anyone truly argue against change?  Even then candidate Hillary Clinton preached the need for change.  And former President Bill Clinton openly admitted the Affordable Care Act wasn’t’ working.

    The challenge that the President has is that he needs to find a way to placate the lawmakers who are not acting rationally – on both sides of the aisle. This will be his biggest task yet, as neither the Republican nor Democratic lawmakers want to be placated—they prefer to act volatile and stubborn, and disregard every idea belonging to the President and/or Speaker of the House.

    Not only does our federal government have issues with bipartisanship legislation, but we have major rifts within our own parties. Only when the Republicans can come together and form as one united front can we then make an effort to offer an olive branch to the Democrats. And unitl the Democrats have a serious conversation with the Republican leadership, they can bid farewell to any reforms they’d like to advance.  Washington cannot start making bipartisan compromises until its party’s fences are mended.

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    Abortion: Not the Government’s Place to Decide

    I have not been silent in my belief that abortion is wrong, but I have also been vocal about the fact that it is my personal belief due to my own experience. When I was in the early stages of my marriage—many years ago—I got pregnant. I was not sure whether or not I would keep the baby because I felt like I had just begun my career, although I knew that my husband wanted to keep it.

    After much back-and-forth, I finally made the decision to keep the baby—my daughter, Amanda, who is one of the smartest, hardest working women today in Washington—and the most loving daughter a mother could have. But it was when she was born that I realized how wrong it would have been to abort her. I would have never known the person she was going to become—and what a fantastic person she is. It was then that any belief I had in abortion being okay was completely erased.

    I believe that abortion is wrong, except for instances when a mother’s life is in danger or a pregnancy is a result of rape. But I also believe it is not the place of the government to dictate the choice of abortion for any woman. It is her decision alone to choose.  For me, when I faced that decision, I chose to reject my personal needs over a greater responsibility.  That was my choice.  And the government has no place in in criminalizing such a choice.

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    Partisan Politicians are Ignoring the Needs of Americans

    As much as some in Washington would like the taxpayers to believe Obamacare is working, we all know it is not.  Obamacare may have been a laudable attempt to solve a real problem, but it dismally failed.

    Billions of dollars have been spent by taxpayers—with millions still uninsured. There has been a steady increase of health insurance costs—some of them extreme like the 116% increase in Arizona. There has been a decrease in choices for one’s doctor. Health insurance companies continue to drop out of Obamacare—for example, in New Jersey, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, and Health Republic United left the marketplace, leaving two companies to dominate.   Drug costs are reaching new heights that Americans cannot afford.

    The Affordable Care Act is really not all that affordable. Sure, it’s helped some, but it’s hurt many more.  The issues are there for everyone to see—the taxpayers live and breathe it. We must gain control of the skyrocketing costs of insurance, medical equipment, and drugs. Healthcare must be brought back to choice and competition before it’s too late.

    Repeal and replace is not the answer. Obamacare doesn’t need to be thrown out in its entirety.  It simply needs to be fixed.  So why can’t the politicos in Washington find some compromise that will lead to a solution?   Because the politicos in Washington are caught up in partisan politics and ignoring the needs of Americans.

    Why not open up the exchanges so that people can choose from out-of-state?  Doing so will drive competition up and prices down; allow employers greater flexibility in employee coverage; get rid of the fee for not having health insurance; and expand HSAs and provide a tax credit based on age, which will assist middle class citizens who aren’t covered by their employer.  No one seems to argue that those changes would help—again, because the politicos in Washington are caught up in partisan politics and ignoring the needs of Americans.

    Neither side of the aisle is willing to compromise—Republicans want to completely repeal and replace, and Democrats want to keep it totally in place. If we work together to create a plan that will benefit all Americans, America will be in a much better place.

    This isn’t a Republican issue or a Democrat issue.  It’s an American issue that needs serious compromise. Sadly, it’s business as usual in the Washington swamp.

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    The First Amendment and Violence

    Violence silences the very people who need to be heard.

    Since the inauguration, America has seen an influx of violence from protestors. We have seen events like what happened in California, where the violence at a university caused a temporary shutdown of the streets. In nationwide riots, protestors have damaged or destroyed both public and private property.

    The actions of the violent have drowned out the voices of those who want to exercise their right under the First Amendment.

    This is not about whether we like or dislike what someone might say. It’s about a core right in our Constitution to let people speak their minds freely, regardless of how offensive we might find a person’s views. Violent protestors only serve to suppress a person’s right to exercise free speech.

    Those who were peacefully protesting also had their rights stifled. The violent protestors made the nationwide news and caused the police to shut down the streets, ruining the ability for the peaceful protestors to continue or for their issues to be discussed in a reasonable forum.

    The Constitution shall make no law abridging the freedom of speech or the right of the people peaceably to assemble. Nowhere in the Constitution is the right to violent assembly. I condemn any side of the aisle that resorts to violence or suppresses free speech in any way, whether it’s a march or a display of art in the Capital; I will always abide by the undeniable fact that the First Amendment is your Constitutional right.

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    Be Thankful for Our Freedoms. Pray for Paris. Demand More from Your Leaders.

    As Thanksgiving nears and we witness the horrors of the Paris attacks, Americans are once again reminded to be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy. But we must also remember those freedoms are only protected by vigilant law enforcement, strong national defense, and an aware citizenry. We all mourn with our allies in France. We all agree that we cannot allow society to become victimized by Islamic extremist barbarians like those who murdered innocent people in France under a misguided belief that their God condones such atrocities. Say what you will about any religion, but none, including Islam and the Quran, justify such cowardly acts. If not stopped they will continue and expand into other countries, including America.

    The reaction of politicians has been all too predictable.

    President Obama, in remarks on Friday, said, “We’re going to do whatever it takes to work with the French people and with nations around the world to bring these terrorists to justice, and to go after any terrorist networks that go after our people.” I guess we’ll continue to wait, as we always seem to do, to hear what the president has in mind and what strategy, if any, he will deploy. If it’s placing another 50 advisors into Syria, that is far too little, far too late. Hillary Clinton had little more to add. While her heartfelt sympathy for Parisians is sincere, former Secretary Clinton also failed to express any plan of attack.

    Using an odd analogy, Ben Carson commented that allowing Syrian refugees into the United States is akin to medical malpractice and opined that withdrawing from Iraq after the Gulf War created the vacuum that allowed ISIS to grow. Other candidates conveyed condolences for the losses endured by the French. But some went further, weighing in on Twitter. Ted Cruz tweeted, “We must make it clear that affiliation w/ ISIS & related terrorist groups brings w/ it the undying enmity of America.”

    Not surprisingly, Donald Trump was less diplomatic, tweeting, “President Obama said ISIL continues to shrink in an interview just hours before the horrible attack in Paris. He is just so bad! CHANGE.” and “We need much tougher, much smarter leadership – and we need it NOW!” Even Newt Gingrich chimed in with a tweet, “Imagine a theater with 10 or 15 citizens with concealed carry permits. We live in an age when evil men have to be killed by good people.”

    Not a single politician with a plan. And no doubt as the days pass, we’ll hear more rhetoric from presidential wannabes. The Democrats will criticize the Republicans and the Republicans will criticize President Obama. It will be more of what we’re all tired of hearing.

    Now is not the time for politics and rhetoric. It is a time for decisive leadership. We need to seriously consider an alliance with all other threatened nations, including Russia, to eradicate the ISIS cancer. If that means boots on the ground, so be it. We need to make it clear that we will not stand by while Middle East leaders fail to lend adequate support to the solution, including ending our financial aid if they continue on the sidelines. The leadership of the Muslim community must speak out more forcibly and encourage every Muslim worldwide to cooperate and identify those who mean us harm. We need to strike at the sources of ISIS finances and weapons, even if that means destroying oil wells ISIS controls. We and our allies need to seize, not just freeze, the assets of any financial institution that harbors terrorist funds. Arms dealers need to be held responsible. We know who they are and where they operate. Shut them down. And as regrettable as it may be, we need to think hard before we fight enemies that pose little threat to our heartland. Enemies like Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As diabolical as Assad is and as antithetical he may be to our beliefs, his regime poses no credible threat to the United States.

    ISIS is the one enemy that every right-thinking person─including Americans, French, and Russians─agrees must be annihilated.

    President Obama is in Turkey at the G-20 after which he goes to Paris for a summit on climate change. While economic issues on the agenda in Turkey and climate change discussions in Paris are important, they pale in comparison to the ISIS threat. Let us pray that President Obama uses those meetings as an opportunity to build a true coalition and stop being the paper tiger ISIS seems to believe we and our allies are.

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    Issues — Where I Stand

    I want to be sure you know the choice you’ll be making if you vote for me. First, I am a Republican. Some in the press claim many of my views sound more like a Democrat. They’re wrong. Voters agree with me because I speak from my heart and not from a party platform, or in lockstep opposition to anything an opposing party might say. But make no mistake, I am a Republican. I reject the agenda my Democrat opponent wants you to accept. So let’s make a few things clear.. .

    Abortion? It’s wrong except in very limited circumstances. But it isn’t for the government to pass judgment. God will,  when the time comes, and I believe his judgment will be damnation. So if you think I am pro-choice, you’re wrong. I’m against government substituting its partisan judgment for your personal decisions, however wrong I believe those decisions may be. And I’m against capital punishment even though I allowed a man to be executed who I could have saved. I regret that. That does not make me a Democrat. The truth is I can no more condone state-sanctioned execution of a murderer than dictate standards imposed on women where God sits in judgment. Does that sound inconsistent? It’s not. Those acts are for God to judge, not politicians.

    Taxes? Under the Obama administration, they’ve killed competition. Taxes need to be cut. So do pet pork barrel programs coveted by many politicians and beneficiaries of government largesse.  The past administration promised to end them. Instead, President Obama added more. They’ve got to go. Subsidies and stimulus? No. They don’t work. So I will make cuts, but only where they’re long overdue. I will not cut programs that help the truly needy. Welfare is important, but only for those who deserve it. Unemployment benefits are important, but only if they do not create a population of permanently unemployed. The past administration has allowed more than 50 percent of the working-age population to be on the dole. That has to end. No nation can survive under that model. And it will end under my  administration. Nor will I cut any program that ensures our national security. Indeed, I want more invested in our defense. I want the world to clearly know our security is paramount, and we will not tolerate any country that harbors those who mean to do us harm. education should be left in the hands of the states, not the federal government.

    Federal environmental regulations are out of hand. We can protect our air, water, and food without volumes of regulations that have no relationship to any logical need. I could go on, but I won’t. Just know when you pull the lever or press the button tomorrow, you are voting to put a Republican back in the White House who will put an end to waste and timid leadership, restore pride in America, and end the suffering a Democrat administration has brought upon every American family.


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