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    Obamacare — America’s Failure

    We are now spending billions of dollars a year on Obamacare. While more people have access to doctors and hospitals than ever before in our history, they can’t choose the ones they want, and the increased costs are staggering. Studies show there has been little, if any, improvement in our nation’s health. Americans continue to die unnecessarily for lack of early diagnosis. The death rate of newborns has remained the same. The deaths of men and women from cancer and heart disease continue in unprecedented numbers.  When will we learn? We cannot legislate health. We need to put money in education and helping those who live in places where doctors can’t be found. We need to find a way of helping those people afraid to talk about their problems. We need to reach out, not with dollars but with people. For decades we’ve sent people all over the world to help those in need. Let’s take some of the millions in the health care plan and invest in people who will go into our cities and our rural towns and bring the health plan to the people. We need a national health care corps to do for our needy as the Peace Corps did for world peace. We can only do that if we overhaul Obamacare.


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    Immigration — America’s Boiling Melting Pot

    Our country has always been one to welcome immigrants looking for a new start on their lives. Indeed, we are a country of immigrants. And while we cannot remove the welcome mat, we cannot ignore the needs of those who already occupy our great country and who work hard every day to make their homes decent places to live and proud places to grow.  We do not have endless jobs to offer or housing to give. Our hospitals and schools can only hold so many. Our streets are too crowded with the homeless, and all too many disenchanted immigrants are turning to crime just to survive. Let us first help those who are here. We must put a stop to the mindless, open door to our country.  Secretary Clinton would like to make it even wider. Let’s first be sure we can feed and care for those we’ve let in and identify those we want to throw out.  Let’s build that wall Congress authorized that both the Bush and Obama Administraitons have failed to complete.  Let’s stop hurting Americans who are working and living here, and instead make their lives fulfilling and their loved ones safe.  Let’s also hope that when President Obama meets with Texas Governor Rick Perry today that some real progress can be made and the never ending rhetoric end.


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    Thomas Jefferson and the 4th of July

    As we celebrate our country’s national holiday of independence, let’s ignore party lines, put aside partisan positions and political posturing, and take measure of our precious freedoms so many men and women paid the ultimate sacrifice to defend. More than 235 years ago, a rag tag group of patriots who yearned for freedoms they were denied and a voice in their future, declared their independence. Thomas Jefferson wrote those immortal words:

    “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.–That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.” 

    Inscribed on the stone of the Jefferson Memorial, his words are for all to read and cherish. It is from this humble yearning for self-destiny in words written by America’s Bard and third President, that our nation began an unprecedented journey to become the world’s beacon of freedom. In all past history, political change was created by conquerors and oppressors, by despots focused on suppressing freedom within their realm. It was not until Jefferson wrote his simple prose that the world’s governance switched from its self-appointed leaders to empowered people. Jefferson’s concluding words in our Declaration of Independence put it best:

    “We, therefore, the Representatives of the United States of America, in General Congress, Assembled, appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for the rectitude of our intentions, do, in the Name, and by Authority of the good People of these Colonies, solemnly publish and declare, That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States.”

    I wish you all a very happy holiday with the hope that your hearts are filled with love for America and its sacred ideals.

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    Immigration — Reform in Crisis

    Much has been written  in the last few days about President Obama’s announcement that he will “go it alone” with respect to immigration reform in light of the inability of Congress to deal with the issue. No one seriously doubts the President’s willingness to use his Executive Powers  to order measures addressing problems he believes need remedies. And no doubt the problems faced by the nation with the onslaught of illegal immigrants remains serious and is getting worse. Not only is there the consequence of increased crime and violence, but now we’re seeing border crossings by thousands of unaccompanied children who we’re forced to house in horrible conditions. While we might be able to fight the criminals through conventional means, no one seems to know what to do with the children. It’s truly tragic. So what was the President to do? Wait for Congress while crime rises and children go uncared for? I am certainly no fan of the President. I think he’s done a great deal of damage to the American economy, national security, and our global reputation. But on this issue, Congress left him no choice. Were I in his shoes, it’s likely I’d do the same. Don’t’ get me wrong. The President shares some of the blame for refusing to compromise with Congress. But the real logjam on immigration reform is on Capital Hill, not in the White House. Shame on Congress — Republicans and Democrats alike — for the paralysis brought on by its seemingly endless partisanship behavior while the rest of us watch the country suffer. We need immigration reform and we need it now. If the only way we’ll get it is through a President’s exercise of Executive Powers, so be it. I have no doubt whatever the President does will be challenged in court by those who would rather debate the fine lines of the Constitution and Executive Powers than resolve problems. And no doubt those pundits have an excellent chance of winning where balances in our Constitution are threatened. But in the immigration debate, courtroom battles are not what this country needs.

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    Iraq – Will Democracy Fall as President Obama Does Too Little?

    Advances by ISIS  in Iraq go on unthwarted with few victories by the Iraqies.  ISIS is within a few miles of Baghdad.  The latest reports  are alarming.  Even al-Qaeda wants nothing to do with these barbarians.  President Obama’s solution?  Military advisors and troops to guard U.S. interests.  Three hundred in harm’s way to face down ISIS.  And now millions in spending to help Syrian rebels who have been “vetted” for appropriate loyalties.  Another example of leadership at its worst and more embarassment for America.  It’s time for decisive action.  Air strikes and drones.  The President justifed using drones on Americans overseas accused of terrorisim.  Why not ISIS?  And Secretary Clinton?  She says, “I could not have predicted, however, the extent to which ISIS could be effective in seizing cities in Iraq and trying to erase boundaries to create an Islamic state. That’s why it’s a wicked problem.”  Wicked?  Really, Mrs. Clinton?  Washington needs to wake up.

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    Women’s Rights — Ending Gender Discrimination

    Mrs.Clinton and I don’t really differ on women’s rights. While that means it is not an issue between the two of us, it nonetheless continues to be a serious issue for this nation. But it’s more than equal rights for women- it’s equal rights for all mankind. We cannot address one group at the exclusion of another.

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    Global Threats — Facing Evil

    There are no evil countries. There are evil leaders. President Bush was right when in 2001 he described Iraq, Iran, and North Korea as the Axis of Evil. While there is a fractioned peace in Iraq thanks to the blood of thousands of Americans, Iran and North Korea continue rhetoric threatening our security and the security of our allies. And other rogue nations seem intent on joining Iran and North Korea as they flood their state-owned media with vitriolic attacks on the United States and democracy.  After suffering too many years with a Democrat in the White House, our image and honor around the world isn’t any better than when Barack Obama took office. It’s worse.  This country cannot afford four more years of this same failed foreign policy that pacifies and placates. We need strong leadership the world will respect. I offer leadership long overdue.

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    Healthcare — Controlling Costs

    We must not become a society of socialistic medicine.  Obamacare is taking us there, and it is not the answer. Yet we cannot ignore the ever rising  costs of health care and the outright denial of it to those who often need it the most.  We must gain control of the skyrocketing costs of insurance, medical equipment, and  drugs. Otherwise all the breakthroughs and technology in the world will serve only the  rich and affluent while denying basic health rights of all those who support  our country  and who most need our help. Obamacare must be overhauled now before it’s too late.


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    Energy — Investing Wisely

    Secretary Clinton says I’ll destroy the environment by letting oil exploration go rampant throughout our nation. Hogwash. The technology exists to safely extract enormous supplies of oil and natural gas from countless locations right here in the United States. Supplies that could give us energy independence in under ten years. But if you’d prefer to waste money on more wind and solar projects that will fail as so many have in the past, then I guess Mrs. Clinton is right, and you should vote for her.


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    Abortion — Right and Wrong

    The right to choice is one of the most divisive debates in our history. There are no simple answers, and most of our personal views are the result of our own experiences and the teachings of our parents and religious leaders. I thought about abortion just before we had our second child, Amanda. I had a new job and was selfish, not wanting any interruptions in my career. I thank God I couldn’t bring myself to make what everyone told me was my choice. Then I realized I had already made my choice. I chose, rightly or wrongly for myself, to get pregnant in the first place. I already exercised my choice. Women who are the victims of crime or incest didn’t make a choice and have the right to choose abortion. Where the life of the mother is at stake, we must favor her and leave our prayers to care for the lost child. But I also believe it is not the place of government to dictate the choice of abortion for any woman. It is her decision alone to choose her personal needs over a greater responsibility. If she makes the wrong decision, it is God—not us—who should be the judge. Every day I look at my beautiful daughter or even think about her, it reinforces my conviction. Every day I thank God I made the right decision. I made the right choice. Abortion is wrong.

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