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    Keep the Government Out of the Boardrooms and Businesses

    I am someone who believes that the federal government should stay out of the corporate boardrooms of America. Simply put, Washington does not know how to run any business. It can barely run the business of the United States.

    Time and time again we have seen the failure of government programs trying to manipulate a free market. And while I admit there are times when our interstate and international commerce may demand uniform federal oversight for such things as defense and the environment, the list of such areas is small – much smaller than the burdensome and ineffective intervention of seemingly countless federal bureaucracies business owners face today.

    The states only make matters worse.

    Today there is a hodgepodge of conflicting state regulations. They hamper the ability of small business to compete. They thwart innovation. Take for example New Jersey and New York, both of which are two of the least-friendly states for business due to their regulations and high state taxes. Both states are also in the top ten with residents leaving to move to other states—with so many state regulations, on top of federal laws, is it a surprise people are doing business elsewhere?

    Let’s get government out of the boardrooms of America.

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    On the Way to Equality for Women’s Pay, But Still Work to Do

    No one can debate that women are paid less than men for the same jobs. It’s a reality that has been going on for years. Those who believe it is not a problem cite the different lifestyles of women and how many choose part-time jobs to be with their families. In truth, many women face the challenge of holding two jobs—mother and employee.

    I don’t deny men are as important in a balanced family as women, but the same is also true in the workplace. Yet the gap continues.

    Women make up more than 50 percent of our population—a consistent statistic for years, and many believe that gap will increase. In 2004, women voters outnumbered men voters by more than 8.8 million. So why aren’t more women elected to office? Why don’t more women dominate America’s corporations? I’m not suggesting we need a reversal with the majority belonging to women—but it is clear we need to get closer to equality. 

    Even the Obama administration was not innocent in paying women less for the same job as a man. According to published reports, the average salary of women in his administration was 88 percent of what the men in his administration were paid. Were they working part-time? And his appointments to high-level jobs mostly went to men.  That is less so under President Trump, but we don’t have statistics on what women in his administration who have taken on jobs formerly held by men are paid.

    The gap continues at equally high levels. We need to put a stop to this hypocrisy. We can do that with our votes at the polls and at shareholder meetings. And if we accomplish that, I think everyone can agree that our hopes to end the bigger war on civilized society will be within our reach.

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    Cyber Security Puts the U.S. at Risk

    America is the beacon of freedom throughout the world. We should not shrink from our role to protect it whenever it is challenged or our national security is at risk. And we are at risk.

    In March 2018, the city of Atlanta was under attack by ransomware. Under Armor also admitted in a statement in March 2018 that millions of emails subscribed to their “My Fitness Pal” app were at risk. Last December the U.S. blamed North Korea for the WannaCry cyber attack that infiltrated hospitals and banks across the globe. Russia was able to hack our energy grid. Equifax had a major security breach that compromised millions of their consumers.

    Not only are we physically at risk by North Korea, Iran, and Russia but we are at risk by our own technology that these countries can utilize against us—technology they often steal from us.  We all constantly check our phones, log on from just about anywhere to access sensitive and confidential data for our jobs, and with abandon, buy goods and services from online retail outlets using our credit cards…the list goes on.  We’re making ourselves easy targets.

    As the beacon of freedom, we should not be afraid to use our credit cards to pay for our groceries in fear that a cyber-hacker will obtain our information. We should not have to worry about paying our car registrations because ransomware took over our city. We should not be worried about our energy grid. But to insure that freedom, the United States must focus its attention on cyber security efforts with more than just words.