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    Sanctuary Cities: Are They Really Safe?

    Our country has always been one to welcome immigrants looking for a new start on their lives. Indeed, we are a country of immigrants. And while we should never remove the welcome mat, we cannot ignore the needs of those who already occupy our great country and who work hard every day to make their homes decent places to live and proud places to grow.  That means we must face the situation of sanctuary cities openly and honestly.  It’s clearly a growing  problem in the United States that is foolishly splitting on partisan lines to the detriment of the real issues at hand.

    Sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants have been a rising conversation this past year especially with the election of Phil Murphy for New Jersey Governor, whose goal is for New Jersey to become a sanctuary state. The Democrats’ argument is that sanctuary cities are safer because they encourage good relationships between illegal immigrants and law enforcement.

    However, it is without debate that sanctuary cities harbor criminals and create a dangerous environment for not only other illegal immigrants who may not be violent, but a dangerous environment for Americans.  We should not forget Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez.  He was deported from the United States five times yet came back and murdered Katie Steinle in San Francisco, a sanctuary city. According to Neighborhood Scout, that San Francisco has one of the highest violent crime rates in the nation.

    In New Jersey,  Newark and East Orange are already sanctuary cities.  And both have some of the highest violent crime rates in the nation according to Neighborhood Scout. Camden is another example of a sanctuary city – and yet it constantly tops lists of worst cities in the United States to live due to its high crime and homicide rates (according to Wikipedia, its violent crime rate is 6.6 times higher than the national average).

    We should have open doors but only for the non-violent who want a better life in our country.  Unfortunately, many criminals have used the weak immigration laws and enforcement to infect our communities.  So we need balance and a reasoned approach.  That means politicians on both sides of the aisle must put down their partisan spears and offer olive branches to one another.  If they need a word for that, it’s “leadership.”


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    Are Americans Unhappy?

    Today, we have a choice of over five hundred television channels and can use our TVs to order virtually anything we want. Our personal computers can organize our daily lives with a precision unheard of only ten years ago. Technology has helped cure diseases once known to be killers of countless people. Apps on our smart phones can monitor where we are 24/7. We have choices of more products than any time in history. Our children receive the best education in the world. And above all else, we are still free to speak our mind, however unpopular our views.

    Yet according to the media, we as Americans are unhappy. It is said we are saddened by the poverty and suffering we see each night on the evening news. Saddened to live our lives in fear of the crime on our streets. Fearful of the world we are leaving for our children and grandchildren. Deeply concerned about the economy. But the media is wrong.

    This year, job growth in the United States has increased, which undoubtedly means that the unemployment rate has decreased. The stock market has been strong, even obtaining record numbers. More people are buying American-made products and looking to buy from local and small businesses.

    It is not unhappiness, sadness, or fear we feel. It is our desire to do even better. To make our lives and the lives of others better. Do not mistake our drive and hopes as unhappiness, sadness, or fear. That is what the media wants you to think. I disagree.

    Today we are more hopeful than ever, confident we will lead the world to even greater prosperity in the next millennium.



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    “Affordable Health Care”: Billions of Dollars Wasted

    We are now wasting billions of dollars a year on a misguided health care system. While more people have access to doctors and hospitals than ever before in our history, they can’t choose the ones they want, and the increased costs are staggering. Many health insurance companies have pulled out of the federal exchange, leaving those who are looking to receive health insurance through the exchange only one choice. Studies show there has been little, if any, improvement in our nation’s health – even though the rate of uninsured in the United States is millions lower than it was when Obamacare was signed into law in 2010 – almost eight years ago.

    Americans continue to die unnecessarily for lack of early diagnosis. The deaths of men and women from cancer and heart disease continue in unprecedented numbers. The death rate of newborns has remained either the same or has increased, depending on the state. In fact, according to a U.S. News and World Report article, in the state of Alabama, the infant mortality rate is at its highest since 2008 – which Acting State Health Officer Dr. Scott Harris called “troubling”. Quartz reported in October 2017 that in the U.S., women  are dying more frequently in childbirth than in other industrialized countries.

    When will we learn? We cannot legislate health. We need to put money in education and helping those who live in places where doctors can’t be found. We need to find a way of helping those people afraid to talk about their problems. We need to reach out, not with dollars but with people who are armed with the knowledge and tools to assist others in the areas that they need the most help.  And we need to allow competition in the marketplace.  That’s sorely lacking in Obamacare.  Let’s hope the repeal of the mandate stays in the new tax legislation.

    For decades we’ve sent people all over the world to help those in need. Let’s take some of the millions in the health care plan and invest in people who will go into our cities and our rural towns and bring the health plan to the people. We need a national health care corps to do for our needy as the Peace Corps did for world peace.



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