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    Is it time for a Constitutional Convention?

    There have been inklings of our government considering holding a constitutional convention. The last time that the United States of America had a constitutional convention was 1787. But is it time for one now?

    In order for a formal constitutional convention to form and propose amendments to the U.S. Constitution, two-thirds of the state legislatures—which totals to 34 states—must vote to do so.

    Calling a constitutional convention of the states into session is not a new idea. In 2016, political pundit and conservative radio show host Mark Levin suggested it in his book The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic. Levin knows how such things are done—he worked in the administration of President Ronald Reagan. But Levin’s movement failed to gain any traction under the Obama administration.  Nor is it likely to gain any momentum under President Trump.

    While some state governors endorse the idea to address issues of health care, immigration, and a balanced budget, too few take the suggestion seriously. Nor is Congress about to propose any amendments to the Constitution given the divisive, partisan manner in which it engages in the business and governing of America.

    According to the Washington Post in an April 2017 essay:

    “Many of us can point to one constitutional provision or another that we believe we could improve upon if given a chance. But a convention could do great damage to a charter that, on balance, has worked pretty well for a pretty long time. To take such a risk on behalf of a stupendously unworthy cause such as a balanced-budget amendment would be foolhardy in the extreme.”

    I believe that a constitutional convention is not what America needs. No sensible American—Democrat or Republican—can endorse the changes that have been proposed the last time the idea was suggested. A constitutional convention would be a disaster—especially now, when there is so much at stake for us and the world.  Instead, it’s about time the individuals elected to hold office in Washington started engaging in the compromise and leadership the Founding Fathers envisioned.

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    America: Still the Beacon of Freedom?

    Throughout the world, America is seen as the beacon of freedom.

    We should not shrink from our role to protect that beacon whenever and wherever it is challenged, or our national security is at risk.

    After suffering eight years with a Democrat in the White House, our image and honor around the world doesn’t seem to be getting much better than when President Barack Obama took office and systematically dismantled our image over the eight years of his administration. This country cannot afford four more years of a failed foreign policy that pacifies and placates. We need strong leadership the world will respect—and who will protect the American people.  If President Trump can bring that to his administration, the beacon of freedom will continue to shine.  If not, there’s no telling what will be left of this great nation.

    Where “America First” fits in to all of this is uncertain.  Of course we need to address our domestic problems and the unfair global marketplace that is costing Americans jobs.  But we must also be cautious of isolationism.  Historians will remind us that isolationism was a major reason the world was unprepared for the World Wars of the last century.

    As President John F. Kennedy promised, “America is unwilling to witness or permit the undoing of human rights, and we will pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, and oppose any foe in order to assure the survival and success of liberty.”

    America will never be true to those words if it shirks its global leadership by asking permission from others to keep the beacon of liberty brightly shining.

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    How can we stop future acts of terrorism?

    The past few months, the world has seen horrible acts of terrorism committed on innocent civilians, particularly the cowardly actions of terrorists at the Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. But how can we stop more things like this from happening? How do we fight terrorists who use backpack bombs, pressure cookers, and automobiles to cause such destruction and chaos?

    I know I don’t have to tell any of you how big of a problem we now have in some part due to a poor administration we suffered under for the past eight years. Worse, we are now facing terrorist attacks from within unlike ever before. Our conventional methods of protecting our nation—and the methods other countries use to protect theirs—are increasingly proving inadequate. They have failed.

    People are on edge, and likely to take it out on innocent Muslims if we don’t do something decisive. As the French journalist Octave Mirbeau said, “The greatest danger of a terrorist’s bomb is in the explosion of stupidity that it provokes.”

    We must spend time, energy, and dedication to investigate and stop the terrorist cells that are in our own country. We must also educate ourselves as to how and why our own citizens—and those that come here—are willing to go to Syria to fight for ISIS and other radical terror groups. America also needs a strong, diplomatic leadership who can guide us in the right direction in the fight against terrorism. Eight years of President Obama’s policies has not left us in a better position than we were before he took office. And President Trumps efforts seem to get thwarted by partisan politicians with no alternative plans. That is not the leadership this country needs.

    How we respond to future acts of terrorism is a test of our global reputation. And if nothing is done soon, we will all suffer. Absent action, there is no favorable outcome. And have no doubt in your mind, it is simply a matter of time before our innocent citizens suffer as the Britons did in Manchester unless we wake up to the reality facing us.