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    Why Can’t the GOP and Democrats Compromise?

    Over the past few months, politics has become so divided that not only are Democrats and Republicans unwilling to compromise, but within the Republican Party there is a divide on the issues and views.  Without more unity among Republicans and more reasonable reactions from Democrats, compromise is impossible.  Being partisan for partisan’s sake is not leadership.  It’s shirking responsibility.

    The President has run into a situation with his own party where they are not willing to compromise among themselves. Witness the debacle over attempts to fix the Affordable Care Act.

    But as Harry Truman said, the buck stops with the President.  It is his, responsibility to find unity. And it is the leadership of both parties to work with the President to make progress on much needed reforms.  Can anyone truly argue against change?  Even then candidate Hillary Clinton preached the need for change.  And former President Bill Clinton openly admitted the Affordable Care Act wasn’t’ working.

    The challenge that the President has is that he needs to find a way to placate the lawmakers who are not acting rationally – on both sides of the aisle. This will be his biggest task yet, as neither the Republican nor Democratic lawmakers want to be placated—they prefer to act volatile and stubborn, and disregard every idea belonging to the President and/or Speaker of the House.

    Not only does our federal government have issues with bipartisanship legislation, but we have major rifts within our own parties. Only when the Republicans can come together and form as one united front can we then make an effort to offer an olive branch to the Democrats. And unitl the Democrats have a serious conversation with the Republican leadership, they can bid farewell to any reforms they’d like to advance.  Washington cannot start making bipartisan compromises until its party’s fences are mended.

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    Abortion: Not the Government’s Place to Decide

    I have not been silent in my belief that abortion is wrong, but I have also been vocal about the fact that it is my personal belief due to my own experience. When I was in the early stages of my marriage—many years ago—I got pregnant. I was not sure whether or not I would keep the baby because I felt like I had just begun my career, although I knew that my husband wanted to keep it.

    After much back-and-forth, I finally made the decision to keep the baby—my daughter, Amanda, who is one of the smartest, hardest working women today in Washington—and the most loving daughter a mother could have. But it was when she was born that I realized how wrong it would have been to abort her. I would have never known the person she was going to become—and what a fantastic person she is. It was then that any belief I had in abortion being okay was completely erased.

    I believe that abortion is wrong, except for instances when a mother’s life is in danger or a pregnancy is a result of rape. But I also believe it is not the place of the government to dictate the choice of abortion for any woman. It is her decision alone to choose.  For me, when I faced that decision, I chose to reject my personal needs over a greater responsibility.  That was my choice.  And the government has no place in in criminalizing such a choice.

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    Partisan Politicians are Ignoring the Needs of Americans

    As much as some in Washington would like the taxpayers to believe Obamacare is working, we all know it is not.  Obamacare may have been a laudable attempt to solve a real problem, but it dismally failed.

    Billions of dollars have been spent by taxpayers—with millions still uninsured. There has been a steady increase of health insurance costs—some of them extreme like the 116% increase in Arizona. There has been a decrease in choices for one’s doctor. Health insurance companies continue to drop out of Obamacare—for example, in New Jersey, Aetna, UnitedHealthcare, and Health Republic United left the marketplace, leaving two companies to dominate.   Drug costs are reaching new heights that Americans cannot afford.

    The Affordable Care Act is really not all that affordable. Sure, it’s helped some, but it’s hurt many more.  The issues are there for everyone to see—the taxpayers live and breathe it. We must gain control of the skyrocketing costs of insurance, medical equipment, and drugs. Healthcare must be brought back to choice and competition before it’s too late.

    Repeal and replace is not the answer. Obamacare doesn’t need to be thrown out in its entirety.  It simply needs to be fixed.  So why can’t the politicos in Washington find some compromise that will lead to a solution?   Because the politicos in Washington are caught up in partisan politics and ignoring the needs of Americans.

    Why not open up the exchanges so that people can choose from out-of-state?  Doing so will drive competition up and prices down; allow employers greater flexibility in employee coverage; get rid of the fee for not having health insurance; and expand HSAs and provide a tax credit based on age, which will assist middle class citizens who aren’t covered by their employer.  No one seems to argue that those changes would help—again, because the politicos in Washington are caught up in partisan politics and ignoring the needs of Americans.

    Neither side of the aisle is willing to compromise—Republicans want to completely repeal and replace, and Democrats want to keep it totally in place. If we work together to create a plan that will benefit all Americans, America will be in a much better place.

    This isn’t a Republican issue or a Democrat issue.  It’s an American issue that needs serious compromise. Sadly, it’s business as usual in the Washington swamp.