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    Competition — the Foundation of Democracy and Prosperity

    Competition is at the foundation of a healthy economy. The ability to compete freely and excel above the competition is the motivation pushing industries and entrepreneurs to lead the world in technology and invention. Yet repeatedly we see our foreign competitors protected by their governments from the very competition that makes open economies the leaders of the free world. These controls are seen as a way to protect the jobs and livelihoods of their local citizens. In truth, such policies only serve to drive down their citizens’ standard of living, keep innovation outside its borders, and cost all our economies untold millions lost in support of inefficiencies. We must drop our trade barriers and persuade world governments to drop theirs as well. If the world market is not a market of open competition, we will all be forced to replace lost competition with protectionism, a result that hurts all people throughout the world. Let us lead the way.


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    Terrorism — Time to Strike at Its Heart

    Terrorism can never be allowed to control our lives or our destiny. We must never give in to its demands. Every terrorist and the countries supporting them must learn they will achieve nothing in these personal wars of theirs. The condemnation and wrath of the civilized world is the only reward they will receive. I lost my only son to terrorists who proved nothing other than their inhumanity. I will not let America’s spirit be the victim of such individuals or nations. We will not be intimidated, and we will strike at the very hearts of those who believe we would ever cower before them.


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    Democracy — Defending an American Ideal

    Democracy is a precious blessing America must never take for granted. We must always be prepared to defend it and, when possible, support those in the world who seek it. As democracy takes hold in Egypt, Syria, Iran, and elsewhere, we must commit our resources to ensure these newly freed countries find their path to democracy as painlessly as possible. That is not to say they will not experience pain or turmoil, for they indeed will. What we and all free democracies throughout the world must do is provide both financial and spiritual support. The alternative is something we cannot even consider. As the New Hampshire state motto so proudly declares, “Live free or die.”


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    Children — A World Crisis

    What’s going on? Children have become targets of criminals unlike ever before. On our southern borders, we see them illegally immigrating by the thousands, as their parents abandon them. In Africa, we see girls being kidnapped by  the hundreds to eventually find themselves in the slavery market. In the Middle East, kids are being murdered for no reason, inciting aggressive counter-violence. And here in the United States, we see an alarming increase in teenagers on murder sprees, and young brothers and sisters being killed by random gunshots in our inner cities. Has global society lost its mind? Is there anything we as Americans can do about it? As is the case with most complex issues, there is no easy answer; no immediate solution. But two things are clearly needed: leadership and action in Washington – both of which are sorely lacking in America today. Instead of focusing on weeding out the criminals, freeing the children, addressing the complicated mental health issues, and constructively dealing with broken families in our cities, Washington continues its all too typical oratory. Politicians decry the crime and violence. They promise solutions. They establish panels and hold hearings. Yet no progress is made; no meaningful legislation is adopted. Responsibility for all of this starts and ends at the top – the Oval Office – where we have what can best be described as a mostly absentee and tone deaf President flooding the airwaves with rhetoric and unfulfilled promises. We need change. What we don’t need is another Democrat in the White House.

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    Gays in the Military — Modern Thinking

    Much has been written on gay Americans and women in the military. Some field officers, responsible for soldiers fighting on the front lines, seem to be against sharing combat duty with them. In many instances, conventional wisdom says we should listen to the experts—the ones who have to live with our policies—and ban women and gay Americans from the battlefield, where rancor among our own cannot exist. I could not more strongly disagree with this position. The safety of our soldiers–all our soldiers–is and will always be of primary importance.  And equal rights have always been a stalwart principle in our republic, so we cannot ignore those rights on anecdotal opinion or individual prejudices. I will not stigmatize any America solider, and I will not support legislation that discriminates against any class of America’s citizens.


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    Gun Control — Perception vs. Reality

    In one day, street gangs killed three in Houston, five in New York, and seven in Chicago. In every instance the victims, many of them innocent bystanders, died from gunshot wounds inflicted by unregistered guns. Now some want to ban handguns. Those who would have us legislate a ban are convinced such a solution will keep weapons outside the hands of gangs. They claim these murders are evidence that laws requiring the registration of handguns don’t work. They demand a complete ban. They are wrong. It is not the registration requirement that increases or decreases the number of unregistered guns. It’s the lack of hope for so many of inner city youth. If they want guns, they’ll get unregistered guns.  Registration laws will not change that. We must show them that if they are caught with an unregistered gun, they will go to jail. No deals, no pleas, and no mercy.


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    The War on Women

    I’ve been asked if I think there is a “war on women,” an expression that is increasingly finding its way into media.

    According to some Democrats, Republicans are waging a war on women through policies that deny them access to federally funded birth control and abortions, and turn a blind eye to crime; even the definition of rape. And, of course, the Democrats blame Republicans for workplace discrimination. It seems the Democrats blame the Republicans for every ill that America has faced in the last two decades. Then again, the Republican leadership plays the same game and blames the Democrats for America’s economic malaise. In Washington, our politicians play the blame game rather than govern this great nation. Simply because differing views on policy issues like birth control, abortion, crime, and workplace discrimination have an impact on women does not make those policies the basis of a war on women. The war on women manufactured by media, and a few Democrats, does not exist. The rhetoric needs to stop.

    But there is a war on women we should be talking about – a war of violence and an imbalance in governance.

    Violence as a Weapon against Women

    In some societies, women can be owned, bought, sold, traded and collected as if they were commodities. Women are sold into slavery. Stoned to death for merely expressing what they felt in their hearts. Raped without consequence to the attacker. This is happening every day in Europe, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. It is the real war on women and it’s been going on far too long.

    America has condemned such beliefs and none of us – Democrats or Republicans – continence such behavior. We condemn it. Yet it continues. Our solution? Throw money to governments and organizations. That has become America’s way to solve complicated problems. That will not work. We need to take a deeper look and try to understand why we have such difficulty finding solutions. If that means hard choices giving continued support to regimes that deny women their equal rights, then we need to make those choices. This violence must end. I will not support our government being hypocrites. Our foreign aid support must be coupled with meaningful reform.

    Imbalance in Governance as a Weapon against Women

    In the Senate, there are 20 women and 80 men. In the House, 79 women and 356 men. On the Supreme Court, 3 women and 6 men. In Governors’ mansions, there are 5 women and 45 men.

    In the Fortune 500 companies, 4.8% of the CEOs are women. In the Fortune 1,000, it rises to a mere 5%. Women on the boards of these companies amount to only 16.9%. Yet it is repeatedly shown that Fortune 500 companies with the highest representation of women on their boards have significantly higher financial performance than those with the lowest representation of women. The return on investment to shareholders of the companies with the highest percentage of women is on average more than 50% better than those with the least number of women.

    I can cite similar statistics from around the world and in other walks of life. Indeed, in religion and the military, representation of women in leadership has been abysmal for generations.

    Wage Disparity and Job Discrimination as a Weapon against Women

    No one can debate the reality that many women are paid less than men for the same jobs. This debate has been ongoing for years. Those who believe it is not a problem cite the differing lifestyles of women and the many who choose part-time jobs to be with their families. In truth, many women face the challenge of holding two jobs – mother and employee. I don’t deny that men are as important in a balanced family as women, but the same is true in the workplace. Yet the gap continues. Even the Obama Administration is not innocent. According to published reports, the medial average salary of women in his Administration is 88% of what men are paid. Are they working part-time? And his appointments to high level jobs in his Administration have gone overwhelmingly to men. The President was quick to criticize Gov. Romney’s reference to looking at “binders of women” to fill vacancies. And while I won’t deny that the Governor’s comment gave me pause, it looks as though the President could use some research to address his clear bias to hiring men. So the gap continues at the highest levels. It must stop.

    A Call to Action for the Voting Majority

    According to the latest U.S. Census, women make up more than 50% of our population. That has been a consistent statistic for years. And there is no reason to believe that there will be any change in the near future. Indeed, most believe the gap will increase. In 2004, women who voted outnumbered men by over 8.8 million. So why aren’t more women being elected to office?

    Women control more investments than do men. They have more shareholder votes. Yet our country’s corporations continue to be dominated by men.

    I’m not suggesting we need an immediate reversal where the majority switches to women. There is no reason to believe that such a reversal will create a better environment for growth and freedom. But it is clear that we need to get closer to equality in the numbers than we are now. A lot closer. That’s something I think every woman in government can agree upon, and every woman in America can support. We can do that with our votes at the polls and at shareholder meetings. And if we accomplish that, I think everyone can agree – Democrats, Republicans, men and women – that our hopes to end the bigger war on civilized society will be within our reach.



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    Wealth — Condemning the Rich for All the Wrongs

    We cannot deny that the prosperous and rich support much of our country’s industry, arts, and culture. If we increase their tax burdens, fail to defend their rights, or continue to demean their success, we only hurt ourselves. There is no union for the rich, but there are those who would seek to take advantage of their generosity. William Boetcker, a Presbyterian minister, explained it best in 1942. Allow me to repeat his words, “You cannot bring about prosperity by discouraging thrift, strengthen the weak by weakening the strong, help the poor man by destroying the rich, further the brotherhood of man by inciting class hatred, build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence, help small men by tearing down big men, lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer, keep out of trouble by spending more than your income, establish security on borrowed money, or help men permanently by doing for them what they will not do for themselves.”  Washington needs to learn those lessons. But we cannot ignore those among the prosperous who instead of feeding society, feed upon it. There can be no more robber barons and raiders who plunder, not to save businesses but to personally profit at the cost of jobs, families, and American homes.


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    Budget — Balancing a Behemoth

    Everyone loves to talk about balancing the budget and reducing the deficit. It’s all common fodder for Washington to debate the pluses and minuses of tax increases, tax cuts, or spending controls as ways to achieve the goal of intelligent fiscal management. Yet Washington is incapable of behaving in a fiscally responsible manner. Why? Because the House, Senate, and Administration are corrupted by self-interests. They’ve been bought by constituents who will never see eye-to-eye or agree on who should pave the way, either by paying more taxes or getting fewer entitlements. Until our leaders in Washington face the issues honestly, there will be no solution. The status quo is unacceptable. I urge you to place fiscal responsibility first in your mind when casting your vote. If the candidates asking you to trust them can’t be trusted to be honest, don’t vote for them. And think hard about reelecting any incumbent. Clearly the incumbents have failed. If they want to be reelected by you, make sure they make promises they’ll keep, not the empty ones they’ve made so far.


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    Issues — Where I Stand

    I want to be sure you know the choice you’ll be making if you vote for me. First, I am a Republican. Some in the press claim many of my views sound more like a Democrat. They’re wrong. Voters agree with me because I speak from my heart and not from a party platform, or in lockstep opposition to anything an opposing party might say. But make no mistake, I am a Republican. I reject the agenda my Democrat opponent wants you to accept. So let’s make a few things clear.. .

    Abortion? It’s wrong except in very limited circumstances. But it isn’t for the government to pass judgment. God will,  when the time comes, and I believe his judgment will be damnation. So if you think I am pro-choice, you’re wrong. I’m against government substituting its partisan judgment for your personal decisions, however wrong I believe those decisions may be. And I’m against capital punishment even though I allowed a man to be executed who I could have saved. I regret that. That does not make me a Democrat. The truth is I can no more condone state-sanctioned execution of a murderer than dictate standards imposed on women where God sits in judgment. Does that sound inconsistent? It’s not. Those acts are for God to judge, not politicians.

    Taxes? Under the Obama administration, they’ve killed competition. Taxes need to be cut. So do pet pork barrel programs coveted by many politicians and beneficiaries of government largesse.  The past administration promised to end them. Instead, President Obama added more. They’ve got to go. Subsidies and stimulus? No. They don’t work. So I will make cuts, but only where they’re long overdue. I will not cut programs that help the truly needy. Welfare is important, but only for those who deserve it. Unemployment benefits are important, but only if they do not create a population of permanently unemployed. The past administration has allowed more than 50 percent of the working-age population to be on the dole. That has to end. No nation can survive under that model. And it will end under my  administration. Nor will I cut any program that ensures our national security. Indeed, I want more invested in our defense. I want the world to clearly know our security is paramount, and we will not tolerate any country that harbors those who mean to do us harm. education should be left in the hands of the states, not the federal government.

    Federal environmental regulations are out of hand. We can protect our air, water, and food without volumes of regulations that have no relationship to any logical need. I could go on, but I won’t. Just know when you pull the lever or press the button tomorrow, you are voting to put a Republican back in the White House who will put an end to waste and timid leadership, restore pride in America, and end the suffering a Democrat administration has brought upon every American family.


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