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    Abortion — Right and Wrong

    The right to choice is one of the most divisive debates in our history. There are no simple answers, and most of our personal views are the result of our own experiences and the teachings of our parents and religious leaders. I thought about abortion just before we had our second child, Amanda. I had a new job and was selfish, not wanting any interruptions in my career. I thank God I couldn’t bring myself to make what everyone told me was my choice. Then I realized I had already made my choice. I chose, rightly or wrongly for myself, to get pregnant in the first place. I already exercised my choice. Women who are the victims of crime or incest didn’t make a choice and have the right to choose abortion. Where the life of the mother is at stake, we must favor her and leave our prayers to care for the lost child. But I also believe it is not the place of government to dictate the choice of abortion for any woman. It is her decision alone to choose her personal needs over a greater responsibility. If she makes the wrong decision, it is God—not us—who should be the judge. Every day I look at my beautiful daughter or even think about her, it reinforces my conviction. Every day I thank God I made the right decision. I made the right choice. Abortion is wrong.